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“Life is too short to live backed-up”, Blue Works will Inspect, Clean & Re-line or repair your aged & failing plumbing piping to “like new” condition by installing a “pipe within a pipe”, without the stress & cost of unnecessary destruction to your property. Our work is Insured, Certified, Warrantied, Industry Accepted and Engineer Approved. Estimates are always “no-hassle” and “we’ll do a better job for a better price.”

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The Pipe Lining Installation Process

Most commercial business owners, and senior living assisted facilities can attest to the fact construction and repairs can often be a nuisance, because it affects how effectively the business is run in the meantime. Not only does it disrupt daily operations and throw everything and everyone off of schedule, but major construction also has a tendency to get in the way of finances and income. The downtime can be very costly.
The great thing about the pipe line installation process is that it does not interfere with your daily business operations. This means you will not have to pay downtime costs. If your restaurant needs pipe rehab or you own a senior home facility, you can expect to carry on as usual without losing any of your profits.
Step 1: First we must conduct a pipe video inspection by running a camera down into the actual pipe to ensure a proper and thorough diagnosis. Once the inspection is competed, then the debris and build up must be removed, which is generally accomplished with a hydro jetting process. It is very easy for different types of deposits to become lodged inside of your pipes. And this is what is causing your backup or pipe failure. So the contractor must first clean everything out with highly pressurized water. The contractor will take the time to remove all of the scale and corrosion from your drain pipes.
Step 2: After cleaning, your pipes undergo another inspection and are measured. Before the installation process can begin, your contractor must first take a look at how your pipes are laid out. During this phase the contractor will take the time to inspect your sewer plumbing pipes. It is also important that they find the exact distance of your trenchless pipelining. Your contractor will use a piece of video camera equipment in order to ensure that their measurements and diagnosis are both accurate and efficient.
Step 3: The pipe-liner is cut and the epoxy resin is added, typically this is referred to as impregnating the liner with resin. The liner is shot down inside your pipe with pressurized air, this allows the liner to be unfurled inside the pipe. After this process, an air bladder follows and is filled with air which forces the epoxy coated liner inside the interior of the damaged pipe.
Step 4: The epoxy resin is allowed to harden. When your new liner has finally been installed, the epoxy mixture will be allowed to harden. This is made quick and easy by the amount of air pressure which is contained within the walls of your broken pipe. Once the liner has been allowed to “cure in place” the air bladder is pulled leaving a brand new pipe within a pipe in its place. There are not seams or joint, just a long monolithic piece of continuous pipe.
Step 6: Get back to your regular routine quickly. There are certain repair jobs that can last weeks, sometimes even months. However, this is not the case when it comes to pipe lining installation. You can expect for your pipe lining to be cured in place within just a few hours.
Step 7: Pay an affordable price. With most construction jobs the cost of labor, materials and permits can set you back a pretty penny. This is especially the case if there is a lot of initial digging and destruction. However, this is not the case when it comes to pipe lining installation. That’s because there is no major construction involved. Unlike landscaping, driveway, flooring, basement and wall jobs, there is no digging required. And this is what helps the contractors to keep all of the costs down–nothing has to be destroyed or majorly reconstructed. The pipeline installation process is one of the most affordable and economical repair jobs there is.
Step 8: Enjoy your repair! While most construction and repair jobs tend to leave a big mess for people to clean up, this is not the case with pipe lining installation. There is absolutely no clean up involved. Whether you are the resident of an apartment, the owner of a commercial building, the head of a factory or the overseer of a hospital, you will never have to worry about cleaning up after this process. This repair is clean and simple.

BlueWorks – An Industy Leader

Nationally Recognized as a Leader in the Pipelining & Plumbing Restoration field; our Niche is restoring aged and/or failing Piping & Plumbing Systems to their Original Operating Condition.

As Certified Master Plumbers & General Commercial Contractors, we have the Character, Capital and Capacity to Restore your: 

Sewer, Storm, Water (Potable), HVAC and Vertical piping problems.

Our extensive references include High-Rise Condominiums,Residential HomesCommercial FacilitiesHealthcare BuildingsManufactured HomesStorm Systems or Sovent Piping.

Through our process of Pipe Inspection, Pipe Cleaning, Pipe Lining or Pipe Replacement we can make Small Work of Big Problems. We pride ourselves on the Big Jobs but work just as hard on the Small One’s, so please give Blue Works a call and let the plumbing experts work for you.