Clearwater High School

Clearwater H.S. – Clearwater, FL

One of the oldest schools in the area, Clearwater High was undergoing Sewer Repair and Replacement for the entire campus. During this, Blueworks was called upon to Inspect, Clean and CIPP Pipe Line six sections of the system underground.

Due to the location of the sections, it was of the most benefit to the customer to have Blueworks come in and CIPP Pipe Line the Plumbing using our trenchless technology. Blueworks started the project with an internal pipe inspection using a Sewer Camera to determine the condition of the plumbing system, the scope of the pipes, including fittings.

They then cleaned the pipes using a Sewer Jetter to prepare for pipe lining. Once all access points were determined and the pipe was clean, Blueworks pulled the epoxy soaked liner into place in the pipe and inflated a bladder inside the felt liner to force adhesion to the interior of the pipe. Approximately 4 hours later the liner is cured into place inside the deteriorating 6” Clay pipe and acts as PVC. This was done for approximately 300 LF.

Aside from small access points at either end of each section, the CIPP Pipe Lining method Blueworks used to repair the plumbing pipes for the six sections at the job site was considerably less invasive and less time consuming than traditional replacement.


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