Highland Gardens

Highland Gardens

Broward County Housing Authority – Highland Gardens, Deerfield Beach, FL

Highland Gardens is an Affordable Apartment Community, created specifically for 55 and over residents of Deerfield Beach, and 81 Units each were designed for the needs of an older adult. Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, the residents enjoy beautiful landscaping as well as the stylish interiors of their community.

These residents, some having specific needs and domicile requirements, make the need for Plumbing Repairs and renovations to be unobtrusive even more so than other cases. The layout of the building and configuration of the Sewer System required more access than usual in a Restoration Project of this size, particularly for the Sewer Jetting Process.

Once the necessary Access Points were made for Jetting and Drain Cleaning, the process removed debris and blockages from the occluded 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” & 8” Underground Cast Iron Sewer Main Line for over 770 LF. Blueworks carries both Plumbing and General Contractor Licenses, so when it becomes necessary to gain access to the plumbing for fitting replacement or other, Excavation and material Put-Back is just part of the job.

Several other access points were required on this Project, including replacement of more than 27 Sanitary Tee’s through drywall, 6 points through 6” of concrete and 2’ of soft ground to access Piping for Lining, and Replacement of Clean-Outs in every Kitchen. Inspection, Cleaning and CIPP Pipe Lining was completed as well for 27 Vertical to Horizontal Transitions. With over 1,350 LF of 3”-8” Cast Iron Pipe viewed using a Sewer Camera, Jetted and CIPP Lined, and over 50 Sanitary Tee’s and Clean-Outs Replaced or Repaired, the project was a Major Success.


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