Park Shore Tower

Park Shore Tower, Naples, FL

No strangers to the Gulf Breeze, Park Shore Tower Residents enjoy life at it’s best nestled in the area some say is “the place to be” in Naples. The 20 Story 75 Unit Condominium is located directly on the Gulf of Mexico and right down the road from some of Naples most sought after Shopping Centers and Eateries.

The property recently underwent a $22 Million Dollar Renovation bringing it up to code with hurricane regulations, adding unsurpassed structural stability to beauty and location. The majority of the Premier Condominiums on Park Shore were built in the early 1980’s and although they have made improvements and repairs as needed over the years, Sewer System Leaks can happen at any time.

The property Manager contacted Blueworks for a minor emergency issue with a Vertical Stack in March of 2013. Upon inspection, Blueworks determined that the 3” PVC Bar Sink Stack was failing due to a bad PVC Plumbing Problem with a PVC Fitting.

Approximately 50 LF of PVC was CIPP Pipe Lined with an epoxy saturated felt liner that sealed the bad joints and fitting, preventing further leaks. No job too small, Blueworks was able to Clean and CIPP Restore the Sewer Stack to proper functioning in one day before the residents returned home from their activities.

Generally people choose PVC Sewer Systems over Cast Iron Sewer Systems, as PVC tends to be less susceptible to the elements that cause pipe failures. One of the benefits to the less invasive approach Blueworks takes with pipe restoration is that whether your property’s Sanitary or Storm System has Clay, Cast Iron, Concrete, Galvanized Steel or PVC, CIPP Restoration can be a solution.


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