Tom and Clara LaRose

LaRose Residence – Riviera Beach, FL

Tom ClaraFor Tom & Clara Larose, a Plumbing Back-up is more than a headache. It means potential renovation, because before they contacted Blueworks, the idea that the Plumbing Pipes could be repaired without having to dig or trench up the floors and walls was nonexistent!

Upon Sewer Camera Inspection, the Plumbing Pipes were found to be partially deteriorated, structurally compromised and full of scale build-up, a combination that can cause a Cast Iron Pipe to crack, leak or worst case, collapse. With the less invasive method of Pipe Cleaning, Blueworks prepared the failing Cast Iron Pipes for Lining, Repaired the Pipes, and all in one day, their home’s beauty remaining undisturbed.

No job too small, Blueworks took care of the customer, leaving them resting easy knowing the Plumbing Problem was solved!

Erin, Your guys were great!!!! They did not leave here until after 8 last night, and until they were satisfied the job was right. A great bunch of guys and workers!!!! We are confident it will work as promised.

When it came time to pay, I could not find the papers so paid you from memory and paid $35.5 too much. They did some extra work so that could go toward that, or its fine to give the extra to the guys if you decide.

They also advised that you would sent a copy of what the pipes look like now and that you would also send the warranty papers. We look forward to receiving both.

Most of the homes in this area are the same age so there is a good chance that more people will have the same problems. Be assured we will be happy to advise good things about BLUE WORKS!!

Thanks again for the help and regards to the guys.”

– Tom and Clara LaRose

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