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As a Leader in Pipe Lining & Plumbing Restoration over the past 10 years; Blue Works niche is restoring & replacing aged and/or failing Piping & Plumbing to its Original Operating Condition. Our dedicated staff and Processes of; Pipe Inspection, Pipe Cleaning, Pipe Lining and/or Pipe Replacement will make “Small Work of Big Plumbing Problems”.

We service Florida locally and large projects Nationally, and although we pride ourselves on the big jobs, we work just as hard on the small ones, remember the longer you wait the worse the problem becomes, so call Blue Works and  “Get a Better Job at a Better Price” because, “life’s too short to live backed up”.

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Nationally Recognized and Referred, we repair; Sewer Pipes, Storm Drains, Vertical Pipes, Water Piping & Sovent Systems!

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1 Million feet of piping successfully serviced in Hospitals, Hotels, High Rise, Commercial & Residential Buildings in the past 10 Years!

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As Certified Master Plumbers & Pipe Liners we have the Right; Recommendations, Attitude, Pricing  & References to Prove it!


Blue Works, Florida’s leading pipe lining and plumbing repair company is proud to sponsor the Olympic Quest for Andre LaCroix.

Lacroix is a Peru national #1 Elite, Pan-American Games Athlete, South American Games semi-finalist and an Amateur top 10 National age group and a four-time Amateur state champion. While his achievements are vast, Blue Works quickly jumped on board to show their support while cheering him on.

For many years LaCroix has consistently placed in the top 100 riders for USA BMX in his age group. According to his father, Ken, LaCroix rode a two-wheeler without training wheels for the first time when he was only three years old.

LaCroix can often be found training at the Oldsmar BMX track in Canal Park, Florida. The Oldsmar BMX Track is designated as an official ABA USA BMX Training Site. This World Class facility features a two-tiered track with a lower hill for amateurs and a higher one towering at more than 20 feet in height for serious riders like LaCroix, to train.



The Blue Works team would like to wish Andre LaCroix the best of luck on his Olympic Quest!

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Pipe Lining & Plumbing Services We Offer:

Sewer Repair


Blue Works proprietary high-tech Sewer Line and Storm Drain Inspection equipment can Televise & Expose: Sewer Piping, Storm Piping, Mechanical Piping & any other piping as narrow as 1.5 inches in diameter.
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The leading sewer and pipe cleaning company in Florida. Removing, grease, dirt, rust scale and debris build-up in any pipe system is our speciality.

Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation


Using Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Pipelining, we can replace and restore sewer, drain and water plumbing pipes without disturbing your residents or creating unneeded property repairs to the condos structure or landscaping.

CIPP Lining Sarasota


Trenchless sewer pipe repair involves fixing a damaged or deteriorated pipe using a no-dig trenchless repair method. Trenchless pipe repairs are safe, convenient, fast and often lower in price than traditional repairs.

Plumbing Replacement


Blue Works knows how to replace your property’s sewer system without any un-necessary destruction and in many cases, using a combination of Pipe Lining & Plumbing Replacement to prevent future issues.
Florida Plumbing Services


The Sovent system is a patented single-stack drainage system that substantially improves the performance of a soil and waste drainage systems and allows the drain, waste and venting to be accomplished through a single stack.


Cast iron pipes can be a real problem. Some homes function perfectly fine with cast iron while other homes that have cast iron pipes experience backups, clogged drains or entire sanitary sewer system failures. These cases require our cast iron pipe repair team. Cast iron pipes can be found in homes all across the southeast. 

Variety of Sewer Drain and Pipe Lining Technologies

No one CIPP Lining System can handle all problems, so Blue Works is proficient in a variety of “No Dig” Trenchless Pipe Repair and Sewer Lining Technologies. Perma-Liner Pull-In-Place, Inversion, Continuous Inversion, Large Diameter and Spin-Casting are all tools we use on a daily basis. We have references to provide any customer considering pipelining for plumbing repairs. Our stated objective is to do a better job at a better price, so get an estimate today and let Blue Works work for you.

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“Get a Better Job for a Better Price”


Through our process of Pipe Inspection, Pipe Cleaning, Pipe Lining and / or Plumbing Replacement, we make Small Work of Big Problems. We pride ourselves on the Big Jobs, but work just as hard on the Small Ones. Our Core Values of Honesty, Hard Work and a Good Attitude put us above the competition. 1 out of every 3 employees have been with the company over 7 years, and we are proud of it.

Blue Works Trenchless CIPP lining is the answer to your plumbing problems. Using CCTV Plumbing Inspection, Mechanical or Hydro-Jet Cleaning and any of our Pipe Relining methods, our team will fix your aged and/or failing plumbing. Our process of installing a “pipe within a pipe” meets or exceeds Plumbing Standards, is Building Code Compliant, and comes with a Written Warranty. Our Pipe Restoration Solutions remove the unnecessary stress and cost of destruction and repair to your property.

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