Commercial, Industrial, Government and Residential Pipe Restoration

Our Florida pipe restoration company has worked with a variety of customers including: Owners and property managers of hotels, multi-unit residential buildings, hospitals, schools, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, utilities, municipal buildings, military bases, homes and others. Along with offering plumbing and pipe replacement solutions, we are a leading installer of trenchless technology in Florida.

Blue Works is the Experienced Pipe Restoration Company You Can Trust

✔ Over $40 million of Contracts Completed & Satisfied in Past 10 years

✔ Over 100,000 LF of Piping Lined & Certified Throughout Florida

✔ Project Compliance with Healthcare, Correctional, Hospitality, Skyscraper, Nuclear & Department of Transportation Specifications

✔ Insured and Bondable: A+ Rated through A+ Rated Carriers

✔ Offer Products as specified with ASTM and feature a 50 Year Life Expectancy

✔ Provide products that meet or exceed Industry Standards: IAPMO, NSF 14, NSF 61 & Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) Certification

✔ State Certified Master Plumber: On-Staff & in the Field  

✔ State Certified General Contractor (Tower & Specialty): Any Project – Anywhere

Florida Plumbing Restoration Services Project Management

A building’s plumbing system restoration process is completed in many stages. One stage must be completed before the next begins. Efficient project management can mean the difference between a project exceeding budget, meeting budget, and running below budget. It also means the difference in a project finishing on time, managing delays, set-backs, and various challenges.

Blue Works Project Management Team follows a proven process of data collection, analysis, work-flow scheduling, communication guidelines, and quality assurance inspection. Every project is given a thorough review for long-term and cost savings solutions, based on the current, and past challenges of the building’s plumbing system.

Award Winning Restoration Company

Blue Works is a FLCAJ Readers Choice Gold Award winner. They have invested time and money into various technologies and applications for plumbing restoration. The property’s plumbing system can be very complex based on configuration, condition, age, and previous workmanship. Plumbing restoration may involve for than one application, and sometimes different technologies.

Our resume speaks volumes; we can provide references & specific project details in any of the geographies we service. So whether you’re having problems in Naples, Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, Bradenton, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Marco Island, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm, Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Gables, Miami or in the Florida Keys, Blue Works can provide the examples you need to make the touch decisions.

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Blue Works Featured in Cleaner Magazine – 2014

Blue Works was selected to be featured in the 2014 Cleaner Magazine titled, Rising About the Rest.

“We consider ourselves a plumbing restoration company, and our goal is to restore the systems we service to 100 percent operating efficiency,” Jeremy Schultz said.

“To accomplish this we use a myriad of techniques to get a system up and running properly. We do a lot of investigative work before executing a contract. We want to take care of our customers. We use diagnostics to identify the proper scope of work, and this takes a lot more legwork than other aspects of the business.

“In an 18-story, 130-unit, high-rise condominium there is more piping than there is in the road in front of the building,” he says. “Smaller pipes have more bends and more utilities attached. It requires exhaustive diagnostics to identify the proper scope of work.”

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cleaner Blueworks

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