Senior Housing, Assisted Living and Healthcare Properties

At Blue Works we know how important a health care property, hospital, senior housing or assisted living facilities plumbing infrastructure is in the delivery of quality patient / resident care. Blue Works professionals consult with facility managers & engineers to diagnose complex problems and propose the best solution to accommodate the special requirements demanded in medical facilities.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Lining Services for Senior Housing, Assisted Living & Healthcare Properties:


  • Water service in individual location can be restored the same day
  • Total project completed in significantly less time than pipe replacement
  • Quiet and non-invasive process
  • By-pass water systems can be installed to avoid disturbing hospital routine
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate care and comfort of patients / residents
  • Cleaner, safer and better quality of water throughout hospital facility
  • Pipe restoration eliminates the risk of a serious failure

Pipe Lining is typically 30-60% less expensive than pipe replacement!

Drain Cleaning & Pipe Lining:

They are used every time someone washes their hands, uses the restroom, disposes a substance in the laboratory, or cleans dishes in the cafeteria. Drains are used constantly in hospitals to exterminate all types of waste and chemicals.

The regular maintenance and cleaning of these crucial drain lines often go over-looked until there is a problem. Common drain pipe system failures include, but are not limited to: leaks, water stains, mold, slow drains, backups and the expensive cost of Black Water events that need heavy insurance claims to properly restore these areas. These failures occur due to aged pipes, corrosive waste, and debris buildup. Even routine cleaning of a hospital’s & aged living drain systems cannot prevent inevitable pipe system problems, because plastic and metal pipes have a limited lifespan.

Florida Pipelining Experts

The traditional fix for pipe system aging and failure is a re-pipe; a replacement process that can typically cost excess dollars and time for facility maintenance staff. Walls, floors, and ceilings have to be torn apart, equipment needs to be moved, and pipe systems are nonfunctional. After, different crews need to put the walls, floors, and ceilings back together. In a medical setting, this process can be disruptive to normal operations.

An alternative to pipe repairs is a technology called in-place pipe lining; a solution that allows hospitals & aged living facilities to install protective pipe liners in various pipe systems without having to dig up the pipes for access or replacement.

In addition to being time- efficient, inexpensive, non-invasive, non-destructive, and eco-friendly, pipe lining greatly extends the useful life of the pipe system without causing interruption to patients or medical staff.

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