Video Pipe Inspection

As dirty as it seems, a Florida Video Pipe Inspection for Sewer Pipe Cleaning and Storm Drainage is the best way to detect leaks properly and locate Sewer and Storm Drainage problems that can develop within pipes. A pipe, sewer and storm drainage inspection is the first step of repairing, relining or replacing a problem pipe. We will review the Florida video camera pipe inspection footage with you to give you a step-by-step proposal to resolving any issues that we have identified.

Blue Works proprietary high-tech Sewer Line and Storm Drain Inspection equipment can Televise & Expose: Sewer Piping, Storm Piping, Mechanical Piping & any other piping as narrow as 1.5 inches in diameter. Internal Pipe Inspection properly identifies piping problems and configuration taking the guesswork out of Plumbing Repair.

We hear it all the time, “why do I have to pay for you to tell me I have a problem?”. The answer is simple, you’re not, you’re paying to identify the proper course of work. Pipe and Sewer Drain Inspection Cameras take all the guesswork out of Plumbing Repair, and usually reduce the overall cost of the project by pinpointing the exact problem and offering a scope of work you can shop around.

Locate Exactly What & Where The Problem Is In Plumbing Piping


Blue Works Florida video pipe inspection will internally inspect plumbing using Pipe Inspection Cameras to evaluate & map piping condition & configuration for restoration.

We can investigate plumbing problems from various access points:

  • Inspect Closet Drops (Toilets)
  • Inspect Roof Penetrations
  • Vertical or Inverted Pipe Inspection
  • Inspect In Wall Cleanouts
  • Inspect In Ground Cleanouts
  • Man Hole Access Inspections

Video Pipe Inspections Are Designed To Reveal 3 Things:


  1. Trouble Shoot Piping Failures – Directly Identify the Problem
  2. Identify Piping Condition – Reveal Operating Capacity
  3. Understand Configuration – where piping goes and how it’s connected.

Video inspection of sewer lines determines exactly where cracks, roots, and other problems may be. A video is made before and after any work is done. The Florida video camera pipe inspection is then shown to the property owner to verify
 completion of the work agreed upon.

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