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Drain Pipe Cleaning Florida

Condominiums and High Rises

Blue Works has the technology to repair condominium plumbing pipes (sewer, drain and water) without disturbing your neighbours and creating unneeded community repairs to the condos structure or landscaping. It is no longer necessary to dig underneath your condominiums concrete slab/foundation, parking lot or parking garage, sidewalks or into condo walls.


Services Storm Systems

Schools, Municipal and Government Properties

Blue Works provides assessment, maintenance and repair services for rehabilitating sewer, water, drainage, manholes and other piping systems without extensive digging, disruption and property damage. Blue Works utilizes an innovative lining system and materials that have been installed in over 10 million feet of pipe worldwide. We offer a wide range of pipe lining services to Florida municipalities.


CIPP Pipe Lining Contractor Florida

Hotels and Commercial

The number one reason our clients consistently request our trenchless pipe lining services for Hotel and Commercial work is downtime. When a sewer or drain line goes bad or is leaking in a hotel, it can be a nightmare to deal with. Up until 10 years ago, the only choice available was to demo walls, floors, concrete slabs, hallways to gain access to the damage pipes.


Sovent Systems


Residential pipe lining is one of the biggest breakthroughs in home plumbing technology in the past 50 years. With this new CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) technology we are able to repair damaged pipes without having to dig, excavate or demolish your home flooring, walls, landscaping, driveways or sidewalks. Most pipe lining jobs take less then a day and your home will be left clean and damage free!


Services Manufactured Homes

Senior Housing, Assisted Living and Healthcare Properties

Drains are used constantly in hospitals to exterminate all types of waste and chemicals. The regular maintenance and cleaning of these crucial drain lines often go over-looked until there is a problem. Blue Works professionals consult with facility managers & engineers to diagnose complex problems and propose the best solution to accommodate the special requirements demanded in medical facilities.


Services Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes

The most common of these is infiltration of Sand, Water and Roots through Sewer Pipe Joint Failure & Storm Drain Failure. The ease of manufactured home maintenance does not exclude these properties of Sewer & Drain Problems. The Infiltration of Sand, Roots and Water can cause Sewer Blockages, Backups and if the Sewer Drain System is owned by the park, become very costly because the sand.


Services Storm Systems

Storm Systems

Blue Works has over 40 years of combined experience of extending the life of underground sewer and drainage structures without costly digging or lengthy interruption. Chances are good that we’ve got you covered with a cost effective solution. Pipe Liners from 4″ to 86″ diameters are successfully installed on a daily basis. Blue Works CIPP liners can be installed in round, oval, egg-shaped or square box brick sewers.


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