Cast Iron Pipe Repair


Cast iron pipes can be a real problem. Some homes function perfectly fine with cast iron while other homes that have cast iron pipes experience backups, clogged drains or entire sanitary sewer system failures. These cases require our cast iron pipe repair team. Cast iron pipes can be found in homes all across the southeast. 

Just because you have cast iron pipes does not mean they need a full replacement. They can act as a cast iron host pipe for a new structural cured in place pipe liner. This process is often called residential pipelining or trenchless pipelining for laterals.

Residential Pipe Lining is one of the biggest breakthroughs in home plumbing technology in the past 50 years. With this new CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) technology we are able to repair damaged pipes without having to dig, excavate or demolish your home flooring, walls, landscaping, driveways or sidewalks.

Does Insurance Cover Cast Iron Pipe Repair in Florida? Blue Works Has the Expertise You Need

Navigating the complexities of insurance coverage for cast iron pipe repair in Florida can be challenging. At Blue Works, we understand these intricacies and are equipped to provide top-notch pipe restoration services, whether your project is commercial, industrial, government, or residential.

How a cast iron pipe is repaired in a typical Florida structure when CIPP is the method of repair (most common trenchless)

Trenchless Pipe Lining Repair in homes, condos, townhomes and other residential environments is usually much cheaper then traditional pipe repair and the home owner also saves money on repairs that would be needed from digging up flooring, tearing down walls or excavating driveways and sidewalks.

Commercial Pipe Lining Service Larger buildings that have muti-uses or multi-tenants require our commercial pipelining service for cast iron. In most cases, this service can be performed on the same day with zero disruption to the occupants of the building. We can perform most repairs in the same day but a property evaluation is mandatory to provide accurate cast iron pipelining time frames. 

Residential Cast Iron Pipe Lining Service can be used to repair cast iron pipes as well as: clay and pvc, which deteriorate over time. Many home and condo owners notice the problem when they see a spike in their water bill or their water has a rusty color or bad taste to the water. In the past, the only option was to dig up flooring and cut into walls to replace pipes, but we can do it without any damage. Most pipe lining jobs take less than a day and your home will be left clean and damage-free.


Typical Pipe Lining Process For Cast Iron:

  1. We locate the damaged pipe using CCTV equipment.
  2. The pipes are then cleaned; de scaled and root removal.
  3. Pipe lining epoxy is embedded into the liner and inserted into the pipe for installation.
  4. After the pipe has finished curing (3 hours) it is inspected, tested and water service is restored to the new refurbished / relined pipe.

Blue Works Plumbing: Specializing in the Repair of Cast Iron Pipe Systems in Commercial Properties

In commercial properties, the durability of your plumbing is crucial to your operations. Cast iron pipes, once the standard in plumbing, are particularly susceptible to a range of problems as they age. At Blue Works Plumbing, we specialize in addressing these issues through advanced lining, coating, and replacement techniques, tailored specifically for commercial applications.

Common Issues with Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron pipes are prone to several types of failures:

  1. Corrosion: Over time, cast iron pipes can corrode, leading to leaks and structural weakness.
  2. Scaling: The inner walls of these pipes can develop scale buildup, reducing water flow and increasing the risk of blockages.
  3. Cracking: Due to their brittleness, cast iron pipes can crack under pressure or due to ground movement.
  4. Joint Failure: The joints in cast iron piping can fail, leading to leaks and water damage.

These issues not only compromise the plumbing system but can also lead to significant water damage and costly repairs if not addressed promptly.

Our Advanced Repair Solutions

At Blue Works Plumbing, we understand the unique challenges posed by cast iron pipes in commercial settings. Our repair solutions are designed to be minimally invasive and maximally effective:

  • Pipe Lining: This method involves inserting a new, durable liner inside the existing pipe. This liner seals leaks and prevents further corrosion, effectively renewing the pipe from within without the need for extensive excavation.
  • Pipe Coating: We use specialized coatings to internally seal and protect the pipes from further corrosion and scale buildup. This approach extends the life of your plumbing system and ensures smooth operation.
  • Pipe Replacement: In cases where the damage is too extensive for lining or coating, we provide expert pipe replacement services. We utilize the latest techniques and materials to ensure a swift and efficient replacement with minimal disruption to your business.

Why Choose Blue Works Plumbing?

  • Expertise in Commercial Plumbing: Our team is highly experienced in the unique demands of commercial plumbing systems.
  • Customized Solutions: We assess each situation individually to provide the most effective and cost-efficient solution.
  • Advanced Technology: Our use of the latest plumbing technologies ensures that our repairs are durable and reliable.
  • Minimal Disruption: We understand the importance of your business operations, so we aim to complete repairs with minimal impact on your daily activities.

Contact Us for Reliable Cast Iron Pipe Repairs

If you suspect your commercial property’s cast iron pipes are deteriorating, don’t wait for a failure to occur. Contact Blue Works Plumbing today. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment and provide you with the best repair options to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing system. Trust us to keep your commercial property’s plumbing in peak condition.

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