Vertical Stack Pipe Lining

Condo, High-Rise, and HOA administrations now have a better solution when it comes to deteriorating or failing vertical stacks in their multi-story buildings. We can rehabilitate these vertical pipelines from roof access points or cleanouts. This virtually eliminates the need to disassemble wall assemblies, make holes in sub-floor systems or even worse complete excavation through slabs. 

Our vertical stack pipelining process involves the utilization of cured-in-place pipelining techniques to completely clear the old host pipe from obstructions and reline the hist pipe with a completely new seamless, jointless, and sealed pipe liner. 


Vertical CIPP Pipelining From a Wall Access Point

Trenchless Pipe Lining Repair in homes, condos, townhomes and other residential environments is usually much cheaper then traditional pipe repair and the home owner also saves money on repairs that would be needed from digging up flooring, tearing down walls or excavating driveways and sidewalks.

Commercial Pipe Lining Service Larger buildings that have muti-uses or multi-tenants require our commercial pipelining service for cast iron. In most cases, this service can be performed on the same day with zero disruption to the occupants of the building. We can perform most repairs in the same day but a property evaluation is mandatory to provide accurate cast iron pipelining time frames. 

Residential Pipe Lining Service can be used to repair clay, pvc and cast iron which deteriorate over time. Many home and condo owners notice the problem when they see a spike in their water bill or their water has a rusty color or bad taste to the water. In the past the only option was to dig up flooring and cut into walls to replace pipes, but we can do it without any damage. Most pipe lining jobs take less then a day and your home will be left clean and damage free.


Typical Pipe Lining Process For Cast Iron:


  1. We locate the damaged pipe using CCTV equipment.
  2. The pipes are then cleaned; de scaled and root removal.
  3. Pipe lining epoxy is embedded into the liner and inserted into the pipe for installation.
  4. After the pipe has finished curing (3 hours) it is inspected, tested and water service is restored to the new refurbished / relined pipe.

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