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Blue Works is here to service all projects locally and large projects nationally.

The Blue Works Staff combined have over 20 years of pipe lining and plumbing experience with over $40 million of work exposure over the past 10 years. Blue Works has the experience and credibility to be the preferred option for any plumbing  and pipe lining project. We know the industry and how to navigate the unknowns. Blue Works is known for completing plumbing projects better than any other company in the industry.

Florida Apartments

Structural Restoration of Underground Main in Jacksonville, FL. Known as one of Florida’s finest Retirement and Assisted Living Communities, this property’s commitment to their residents is virtually unsurpassed in the area, coming as no surprise considering it is overseen by a leading property management company.

Beach Club

Located in a lavish area of Naples, near the Venetian Village Shopping Center, the newly remodelled Beach Club is nothing short of impressive. Catering to residents with a high standard of living, no amenity is missing, from tennis courts to a bike path with a beautiful view to a top of the line gym and community pool.


Ringling Museum of Art

Established in 1927 and governed since 2000 by Florida State University, the Ringling Museum is one of the largest university museum complexes inthe United States. The complex, featuring an art museum, John and Mable’s historic mansion, historic theater, research library and conservation laboratory is a tribute to John Ringling and his legacy.


Family Center in Orlando

The Orlando Family Center first opened it’s doors in 1885 and has been a staple for the community ever since. The building itself, located on Mills Avenue in the heart of Orlando, has been through numerous renovations as well as functional and cosmetic upgrades throughout it’s lifespan, including a $1.5 Million Dollar, 13,000 Square Foot Expansion Project in June of 1995.


Nuclear Power Plant

After Years of Water Inverted Liners Cured with Boiler Cure, Air Inversion with Ambient Cure & Cementitious Mortar Spin Casting, Blue Works Acquired a Turn Key, Mid-Large Diameter Air Inversion CIPP Liner Shooter & Steam Curing System, allowing for CIPP Liner Inversion in less than an hour & a 90 Minute Cook Time, to complete the CIPP Liner Installation in an 8 Hour Day.


Florida plumbing experts

Additional Project References

Blue Works has worked on 100,000 linear feet of piping throughout Florida. Please view our Partial Project Reference List.  Blue Works has the experience and credibility to be the preferred option for any plumbing and pipelining project. We know the industry and how to navigate the unknowns. Blue Works is known for completing plumbing projects better than any other company in the industry.


Customer Testimonials

“I am living proof of a very satisfied customer!”

Let me take this the opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with your company, and all of the people who represent you. From our very first conversation, I could sense how much you value each and every client that you serve. You were informative, and you took the time to listen and explain, in detail, how you could resolve my problem.

Your secretary Erin kept me informed of times and dates and let me know who would arrive at my home, and what time they would arrive. Erin is polite and professional and a pleasure to work with. Your crew arrived promptly. They were both courteous, and professional. I felt comfortable with them and I really felt that they were sincere and eager to resolve my concerns efficiently. This is a job well done, and the result is a very satisfied client. I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone experiencing similar problems as I did. Having old and broken pipes under your home is traumatic requiring an urgent solution. You offer the best solution and perform the process in the most efficient and professional, way with the least amount of disruption to the homeowner. I cannot say enough about how great your crew is, and how comforting it was to know that by the time they left I would be free of this problem forever!! They kept me informed each step of the way, and allowed me to observe with informative answers to all of my concerns.

Please feel free to use me as a reference. I am living proof of a very satisfied customer!! Thank you for all of your help, courtesy, and professionalism.

Barbara K

Business & Home Owner, Florida Resident

“You are the best company!”

Thank you so much for sending the guys last week. They performed amazingly well. Definitely you are the best company. The guys did incredible!


Home Owner, Florida Resident

“Happy to advise good things about Blue Works!”

Your guys were great!!!! They did not leave here until after 8 last night, when they were satisfied the job was done right. A great bunch of guys and workers!!!! We are confident it will work as promised. They also advised that you would sent a copy of what the pipes look like now, and that you would also send the warranty papers. We look forward to receiving both. Most of the homes in this area are the same age, so there is a good chance that more people will have the same problems. Be assured we will be happy to advise good things about BLUE WORKS!! Thanks again for the help and regards to the guys.

Tom & Clara L

Home Owner, Florida Resident

“I am extremely happy with the results!”

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

All the BlueWorks staff and crew were professional, prompt, and stood behind their work. They have state of the art equipment (specialized mini cameras, robotic drills, etc.) and were able to effectively rectify my pipe problems unlike traditional plumbers I have dealt with for over a year. They were very conscientious about protecting my property and cleaning up and went above and beyond to make sure everything was back in order. The whole process of relining my pipes took only a couple of days versus the month(s) that conventional trenching of pipes would have taken. And I saved tens of thousands of dollars with this new, amazing technology of pipe relining versus breaking through my slab foundation (and possibly compromising house structure), trenching all the pipes, etc. I am extremely happy with the results. My plumbing works great. I have before and after videos of my re-lined pipes. They are essentially new pipes without all the cost, time and structural compromise that traditional trenching entails. I cannot say enough good about BlueWorks. I HIGHLY recommend them!


Home Owner, Florida Resident

“They all went the extra mile!”

 Wanted to brag on your two employees, **** and ****, who completed the massive dig out, major pipe replacement, and concrete replacement in condo ***.  This repair impacted 4 condos and *** and *** were very diplomatic with the owners and tenants. I have been impressed with all the Blue Works employees, but have had more direct daily contact with these during the process. Thanks also to **** and his crew for sleuthing out the cause and solutions. They all went the extra mile with tenant communication.

The crew showed me before and after photos: Two of the elbow showing the broken stuck snake pieces at each end, Before and after shots of the pipe in the wall and in the ground After pictures of the concrete floor.

Thanks to all of you for your part in helping us with these issues.

Sherril B.

Association President, 11 Building Waterfront Association

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