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Blue Works provides assessment, maintenance and repair services for rehabilitating sewer, water, drainage, manholes and other piping systems without extensive digging, disruption and property damage. Blue Works utilizes an innovative lining system and materials that have been installed in over 10 million feet of pipe worldwide. We offer a wide range of pipe lining services to Florida municipalities that allow you to repair and rehabilitate your existing underground sewer, drains and water pipes.

Many Florida municipalities are discovering that existing sewage, water and storm drain pipes are starting to fail. Most of these failing pipes are cracked, have root growth coming through, separating or failing joints and corrosion. These failing underground municipal sewer lines, storm drains and water lines are only getting worse. We have the solution.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Services:


  • Sewer Line Rehabilitation & Repair
  • Storm Drain Repair & Rehabilitation
  • Manhole Rehabilitation & Lining
  • Water Line Pipe Repair & Rehabilitation
  • Underground Pipe Repair

Municipal lining requires experience and the necessary equipment to complete the job on time in the appropriate manner. We the experience in CIPP (cured in place pipe) lining to deal with all situations that present themselves and we pride ourselves on having the right tool for the job.

Due to age and deterioration many municipal sewers and storm drains are beginning to become cracked, infiltrated, or corroded. With the nature of these lines and the consistent usage upon them, small problems only become bigger ones. With CIPP lining we are able to prevent the spread of these problems and replace the existing lines with a completely new pipe.

Benefits of Municipal Lateral & Pipe Lining


  • New pipe is given an est. 50 year life expectancy
  • Less intrusive to the facility or community
  • Lower cost than other methods
  • Very little down time
  • Seamless = No joints to leak
  • Smooth surface improves flow capacity
  • No damage to landscaping
  • Eliminates root intrusion
  • Stops leaks from infiltration/exfiltration
  • Bridges missing sections of pipe
  • Re-lines virtually any pipe material
Plumbing Sewer Replacement

Innerseal System™


The InnerSeal System™ is an easy and non-intrusive way to correct Lateral Pipeline and Main Line Sewer connection problems. This system allows us to fix multiple connection problems per day without interrupting service for an extended period.

Sectional Point Repair


It is no longer necessary to reline a pipe from manhole-to-manhole in order to address one section of pipe. Now we can simply reline the area in need of repair. The Point Repair System consists of a fiberglass reinforced Liner and Ambient Cured Resins.

In recent years, the level of investment by federal and state governments has declined dramatically and in many cases, current utility rates paid by customers do not reflect the true cost of service. Delaying action on water-related projects will only increase the cost in the future. “The costs of water and wastewater services can no longer be subsidized or hidden,” said WEF Executive Director Bill Bertera.

Blue Works would like our visitors to take notice to a nationwide water and wastewater infrastructure education effort spearheaded by WEF in cooperation with a National Advisory Committee of like-minded water organizations and corporations. Implemented on the three levels, WEF and the National Advisory Committee oversee the national program and provide tools and support to Member Associations and local utilities. Member Associations implement the program on a state and regional level with activities such as hosting elected officials forums, making local presentations, creating displays, and supporting utility outreach to local communities. For more information, visit

About WEF


Founded in 1928, the Water Environment Federation (WEF) is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization with members from varied disciplines who work toward the WEF vision of preservation and enhancement of the global water environment. The WEF 
network includes water quality professionals from 76 Member Associations in 30 countries.

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