Trenchless Plumbing Repair for Manufactured Homes

Because there are Florida Mobile Home Communities that cater to the active adult lifestyle and offer affordable and spacious homes, a variety of floor plans, plenty of amenities and like-minded neighbours, these are the kind of retirement communities people choose.

In fact, the easy maintenance and laid-back lifestyle that offers plenty of fun and recreation is what makes Mobile Home Communities so attractive & respectable in Florida.

However, the ease of maintenance does not exclude these properties of sewer & drain problems. The most common of these is infiltration of sand, water and roots through Sewer Pipe Joint Failure & Storm Drain Failure.

The infiltration of sand, roots and water can cause sewer blockages and backups. Additionally, if the sewer drain system is owned by the park, it can become very costly as the sand & additional water will create problems for the local municipality, creating a “fix it or get fined” scenario. We have seen these fines go as high as $2,500.00 per day, however the solution is easy.

Re-Lining Mobile Home Park Mains & Service Laterals

With our trenchless lateral pipe lining service you can now rehabilitate service lines without having to dig. Using our service lateral pipe lining techniques we can rehabilitate pipelines from 2 to 72 inches in diameter. The entire process usually takes less then a day for any one segment of pipe.

Using a inversion method, pull in place or spin casting, we are able to negotiate 22’s, 45’s and sweeping 90’s without any problems. Our CIPP techniques and equipment also allow us to line through 4″ to 6″ transitions without changing the properties/integrity of the pipe liner. Our lateral pipe liners are reinforced with a scrim to eliminate any possible stretching during the installation of the pipe liner.

Blue Works has a reputable history of taking care of Mobile Home Communities.

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