Condominium and High Rise Plumbing Pipes

We can repair condominium plumbing pipes (sewer, drain and water) without having to dig underneath your condominium’s slab / foundation, parking lot, sidewalks or into condo walls. . It is no longer necessary to disturb neighbors and create unneeded community repairs to the condos structure or landscaping.

We can repair your condo or condo associations plumbing pipes using CIPP or Cured in Place Pipe. It is one of the only no dig options available to condominiums and it is faster, cheaper and lasts longer. The pipe lining process is fast and clean and the pipe liners last 50 years. Our pipe lining process works on all types of condo plumbing pipe materials and diameters including PVC, Orangeburg, iron, steel, copper and clay.

The typical pipe lining project takes 1 day and there is generally no time needed for structural repair to your condo like with traditional pipe replacement.

CIPP (Condo Sewer Cleaning)

When a sewer or drain line goes bad or is leaking in a high-rise condo, it can be a nightmare to deal with. Up until 10 years ago, when this scenario happed, the only choice available was to demo walls, floors, concrete slabs, hallways to gain access to the damage pipes. This was not only extremely expensive, but also very inconvenient. Now condo owners and property managers have a new alternative that has actually been in use for governments and industrial projects for over 30 years. It is called CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe).

CIPP uses an actual woven pipe that is inserted into the damaged section of pipe or throughout the entire length of pipe when necessary. The fabric pipe is engorged with Epoxy Resin which is inflated once placed over the pipe in need of repair. After 5-8 hours of curing, the pipe is ready to be turned back on for full use. This type of pipe lining carries a 50 year warranty.

Pipe-Lining Cost is probably the number one reason business owners and property managers choose our pipe lining service. Using the CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) process is the fastest and most cost effective way to repair a moderate to severely damaged pipe in your commercial building. Our pipe liners are installed without any digging, excavation or demolition, so it not only saves you money in repairs, but you also can get your business running again faster. Our epoxy resins cure in 3 hours after installation is complete and water service can be turned back on as soon as curing is complete.

The products we use are some of the strongest pipe liners available for commercial use. They last at least 50 years and prevent future leaks, corrosion, root invasion while improving water flow and taste.

We can repair all type of plumbing pipe including PVC, clay, copper, galvanized pipe, cast iron, ABS, lead, ductile iron or orange burg. Installation of the pipe liners can be performed from an existing opening and can be installed from 1 foot to several hundred feet.

High-Rise Condo Pipe Repair and Sewer Lining – No Demolition

We offer many different types of plumbing repair solutions for high-rise condominiums, Plumbing Replacement, CIPP Lining & Spin Casting, and Epoxy Coating when we feel its appropriate.

Epoxy Pipe Lining (Water and Copper Pipe Repair/Lining)

In the past when condominiums had damaged or deteriorated high pressure copper pipes, it usually meant a major inconvenient and high cost plumbing project was needed. But thanks to technology that has been in use for over 30 years around the world, the inconvenient, demolition of walls and flooring and high cost is a thing of the past.

Our Epoxy Pipelining process is a very straight forward and long lasting alternative to traditional pipe replacement. We use food grade epoxy in all of our lining projects, which means it is completely safe for drinking water. The epoxy is similar to the epoxy used to coat industrial food machinery, canned food containers and water lines.

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