Beach Club, Naples, FL

Located in a lavish area of Naples, near the Venetian Village Shopping Center, the newly remodelled Beach Club is nothing short of impressive. Catering to residents with a high standard of living, no amenity is missing, from tennis courts to a bike path with a beautiful view to a top of the line gym and community pool. This 18 story High Rise Condominium has 138 Privately Owned Units each with their individual flair.

When the decision was made to CIPP Pipe Line the Sewer and Storm System in the building, they sought after a reliable company to repair the plumbing system without tearing into multiple units and disturbing the residents. Property preservation was a must.

Working closely with the Project Engineers, Blue Works worked out a Project Schedule and Plan to minimize the access points needed for Pipe Lining the 69 Vertical Sewer Stacks, approximately 162 LF each. With the residents in the forefront of their minds, concessions were made to make this project as noninvasive as possible.

This Sewer CIPP Pipe Lining Project moved into Phase 2 and month 6 of an 8-month schedule. In addition to Internal Pipe Inspection, Cleaning and CIPP Pipe Lining the 2”, 3”, 4”, 5” & 6” Cast Iron Sewer Stacks, Blue Works Replaced Fittings where needed, Jetted the Underground System and Serviced the Storm Drain System.

The Beach Club enlisted the Engineer to oversee the Project and Review all Post-Lining Videos and sign off on the Integrity of the work. They were also asked to find the right Contractor for the job – Blue Works. With every Project Blue Works bids, we give the customer the opportunity to have an Engineering Firm that they work with give their stamp of approval, just another way to improve the trusting relationship.

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