Miami Trenchless Pipe and Sewer Lining

Miami Sewer Pipe Lining and Rehabilitation Services

Blue Works is company that provides plumbing and trenchless pipeline repair and installation in Miami, Florida. Blue Works provides plumbing and “Zero-Dig” pipelining solutions for municipalities, utility districts, engineers, contractors, business owners, home owners and plumbers throughout Miami, Florida Metro Area and Dade County.

At Blue Works, we specialize in using C.I.P.P (Cured In Place Pipe) to rehab existing conduit, sewer and drain pipelines, minimizing excavation. Pipes can easily be repaired without digging up your property using Trenchless Pipelining technologies! Don’t Excavate….Rehabilitate! We thank you for the opportunity to show you why we are the leaders in Trenchless Pipe repairs!

Fix Damaged Pipes Without Digging in Miami, Fl.


Our Perma-Liner Cured-In-Place-Pipe system employs a reversible sleeve composed of fabric and PVC; this sleeve saturated with epoxy resin that, once in place, cures in approximately three hours. After the resin in the pipe liner has cured, any necessary cuts will be made to allow access to joints or branches.

Most jobs are completed in one day, allowing you and your plumbing to flow smoothly with less downtime, less mess and reduced expense. The newly installed liner only reduces inner pipe diameter by 5%. One of the main benefits of Perma-Liner is its long service life; the resin that we will apply to your pipes are guaranteed to last for 50 years!

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Blue Works Advantages

  • No Digging
  • No Dirt tracked in
  • Doesn’t upset your pets
  • Long Lasting, proven solution!
  • Minimum Design Life 50 Years
  • Saves your Garden, Driveway
  • Less Imposing on your neighbours, HOA
  • No heavy equipment