Sewer & Drain Pipe Replacement Alternative in Naples

Plumbing repairs have gotten a bad rap over the years. Images of deep trenches, destroyed lawns, and having to live without plumbing is usually what Naples residents think of when they need to have their sewer lines repaired.

Blue Works’ trenchless sewer pipe restoration Naples Florida provides a non-disruptive, no dig solution that can restore your plumbing to like-new condition.

Businesses will no longer have to worry about the downtime. They can go on with business as usual without suffering any profit loss. Both employees and the customers are kept safe and free from harm even with the trenchless repair in full swing. The surrounding establishments and pedestrians will not be disturbed in any way.

Naples homeowners will have an answer to a huge spike in their utility bills. They will no longer have to deal with rust-colored, bad-smelling water. Your family will be safe and the costs of having to re-landscape your lawn will be avoided.
Trenchless technology is the safest and greenest sewer repair method available. Underground soil won’t be exposed nor will it release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

State of the Art Technology in Action

Step 1: Diagnosing The Problem
The work is even easier and less disruptive if our technicians have access to an existing hole, either in the crawlspace or in the basement. In just a few minutes, our capable technicians find the source of the whole plumbing issue. We can use advanced CCTV equipment to come up with a 100% accurate diagnosis.

Step 2: Cleaning The Pipe Pre-Restoration
Hydrojetting equipment pumps out a high pressure water stream to clear the pipes of any calcified matter and stubborn substances from within. This is done so that the original diameter is restored and the special epoxy can stick to the inner pipe without any trouble.

Step 3: Restoring Your Sewer Pipelines
Blue Works uses the latest trenchless technology called CIPP, or cured in place pipe lining to restore your pipes to the best possible condition. In short, we create a new pipe material within the old, ailing one. The liner is saturated with the special epoxy resin and put in place. An artificial bladder blows hot air or steam to cure the resin. Once it hardens in just about 3 hours, the water can be turned back on.
The newly formed pipe makes your sewer system better and more efficient. Flow is improved and the calcified matter won’t stick to the lining material. The seamless nature means that there won’t be any weak points where the tree roots can intrude. You can expect the new pipe to last a good 50 years or even more!

Sewer Pipe Restoration Experts at Work

There are many different factors regarding sewer systems. The previous workmanship, age, condition, and the materials used are just some of the things we need to think about before carrying out the trenchless sewer repair.
Trenchless sewer pipe restoration is the future. Let our expert technicians show you how it’s done. Call us to get the best trenchless services today!


We look forward to providing you with plumbing technology that exceeds your expectations!

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