Pipe Rehabilitation in Sarasota

Blue Works handles a comprehensive range of pipe rehabilitation projects in the greater Sarasota area.

These include:

  • Sewer drain pipe lining
  • Epoxy pipe lining
  • Pipe bursting and slip lining

Why Choose Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

Trenchless methods have been around for many years, but relatively few people have heard of this advanced technology. It has numerous advantages for your home or business.

It’s faster. With the cured-in-place process, the work takes just hours, not weeks like it does with conventional methods.

It’s cheaper. You don’t have to worry about the cost of restoring landscaping, driveways, walls, basements and floors because little if any digging is required. That’s how it got its name, trenchless.

It’s cleaner. You no longer have to worry about mess outside in your yard, or inside the home, apartment building, factory, commercial building or hospital.

It reduces your downtime. You can continue operating your building while the work is done. That means no economic loss, especially helpful for restaurants and other retail establishments. For residential work, you can stay comfortably in your home while we handle the pipe work.

Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

Why Choose Us

Our team of professionals has earned a reputation for craftsmanship, quality materials and superior customer service. We have been serving the local community for many years and take pride in providing effective solutions for all types of pipe rehabilitation problems.

We are the premier trenchless pipe lining company in the region, offering the widest possible selection of pipe rehabilitation methods for commercial, residential and industrial needs. Hospitals, apartment buildings and the city all use our services.

As an example, local hospitals rely on our expertise with Cured-In-Place Pipe, better known as CIPP. Using this method, we can fix their vertical rain drain stacks that are leaking, as well as sewage pipes that have developed leaks.

We bring years of experience to the technique of epoxy pipe lining. This lets high-rise apartment buildings in the area to stop pinhole leaks in copper water pipes. It also works on slab leaks.

City agencies hire us to make sectional repairs on separated clay pipe joints that have root infiltration. We also provide a manhole rehabilitation process that eliminates water infiltration and exfiltration.

When you hire Blue Works, you tap into years of experience and training. Our crew knows the ins and outs of modern pipe lining techniques. Using the most advanced no-dig methods, we can repair pipes without the need for old-fashioned invasive methods that require excavating walls, floors, basements, foundations, driveways, walkways and concrete slabs.

Home and business owners prefer no-dig methods because they are cheaper, faster and much less messy than digging and re-piping damaged plumbing systems. Trenchless methods typically require just one access point. That might be the roof or an outside cleanout. Your living area and workspace are undisturbed.

We guarantee our work. Pipe lining produces results that meet or exceed industry standards for pipes. They typically last for decades, up to 100 years, and have a warranty good for 50 years.

Call the professionals at Blue Works today for a free, no-obligation quote for trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

Types of Pipe Rehabilitation Work

At Blue Work, we are experts in all phases of trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Here is an overview of the three methods we use.

Sewer Drain Pipe Lining

Sewer pipe damage comes from a variety of causes, most commonly:

  • Roots growing into the pipe
  • Missing pipe floors
  • Broken sewer pipes

You might have pipes that are backing up. Or leaking into the walls of condominiums from an apartment roof rain leader drain. We can handle the problem quickly and thoroughly.

The trenchless method uses a new pipe liner that is as strong as if you used conventional methods of re-piping. The work takes about three hours and has a warranty good for 50 years.

Your new pipe reduces the interior diameter by just 5%, which is basically not noticeable to effective functioning. We need just a single entry point for installing the new pipe liner, which can be from the roof or an access hole at the building’s exterior. Our trenchless methods are cheaper, cleaner and faster than traditional re-piping.

Epoxy Pipe Lining

Pinhole leaks are common in areas where water pipe infrastructure is deteriorating, which is the case in our area. These pinhole leaks happen often in corroded or otherwise damaged pipes, leading to slab leaks.

This is a dangerous situation because the pipes are often made of copper or galvanized steel, which results in water lead leaching into the drinking water. And all leaks lead to expensive water damage.

With epoxy pipe rehabilitation, the inside of the pipe is coated with epoxy that is EPA-approved and food-grade quality. It is able to permanently seal all the leaks in the pipes.

The coating is put on in various thicknesses, depending on the job. Oil refineries, hotels, homes, hospitals, aircraft carriers, apartment high-rises, water pipelines and factories all have different requirements. We have the skill and training to select the right level of coating.

Pipe Bursting and Slip Lining

In certain circumstances, the lining method can’t be used on the pipes. In that case, pipe bursting is the method of choice. The new pipe is installed and simultaneously physical destruction and outward displacement is used on the old pipe. The new pipe has the same or even a wider diameter as the old pipe. In specific cases, a method called slip lining is used, which pulls a new pipe into the old pipe.

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