As a homeowner, many people get caught up easily in the amount of projects that need to be done for their house to function properly and the way they envision. But one of the biggest things that you should be investing in is a sewer replacement. This is especially important if you live in an older home, or if you’ve lived in the same home for a while and never had it checked. Read on for some reasons why this is so important.


A clogged sewer line and/or deteriorating sewer lining can affect the efficiency of your sewer. Over time, the cost of this inefficiency will add up, and the longer you put it off, the worse the issue may get. Sewer repairs are generally easier and less time consuming than a full sewer replacement, so invest the small amounts of time and money along the way to have it last as long as possible. When you do have it replaced though, you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes!


That efficiency will go a long way within your home, and while you’ll pay money up front to have the sewer replaced, over time you will actually save money. This will free up money for other projects, as well as prevent a surprise replacement being needed.

New Technology

One of the biggest reasons that now is a great time for sewer replacement is the new technology. Trenchless pipe repair and replacement allows for an easier project. While this option generally costs 30 to 50% more than conventional methods, you save in the long run because you won’t have thousands of dollars that need to go to restorative work after the replacement is done. Though this method has been around for 15 years, 78% of Angie’s List survey respondents didn’t know this technology existed!

Are you considering a sewer replacement in the near future? Which of these factors is the most important to you? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments!