When we at Blue Works Plumbing received the urgent call from City Hall, we knew we had a crucial mission ahead of us. City Hall’s aging cast iron pipes, which had served the municipality for decades, were showing signs of failure. Cracks, offsets, and exfiltration were putting the entire sewer system at risk. The last thing we wanted was for the heart of the city to face a major plumbing catastrophe. We knew we had to act swiftly and decisively.

Broken Fitting

Broken Fitting

Arriving at the City Hall building, we were greeted by concerned faces and a sense of urgency in the air. We assured them that they were in capable hands and that our trenchless CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) pipelining technology would provide a seamless solution to their pipe problems. Explaining the process to the officials, we laid out our plan to inspect and repair the damaged cast iron pipes without causing any disruption to their operations.

The first step was the sewer video inspection phase. With our advanced equipment, we conducted a thorough assessment of the entire pipeline network. As we explored the depths of the underground infrastructure, we uncovered numerous cracks and offsets in the cast iron pipes, which were the main culprits behind the exfiltration and damage to the pipelines.

With our findings in hand, we formulated a detailed action plan to address the issues efficiently. The beauty of CIPP trenchless pipelining lies in its non-intrusive nature, so we could repair the pipes without having to resort to extensive digging or causing any disturbances to the busy City Hall.

Cracked Stack

Cracked Stack in the system

In the hours that followed, our team worked tirelessly, preparing the damaged pipes for the CIPP lining process. We meticulously cleaned the interiors, ensuring the new lining would adhere perfectly to the existing pipe. Next came the insertion of the flexible liner, which we saturated with an epoxy resin that would harden to create a strong, seamless pipe within the old cast iron pipe.

As the resin cured, we monitored the progress, ensuring that the new pipe was forming to the exact dimensions required to restore the structural integrity of the pipeline. When the curing process was complete, we inspected the newly lined pipes once again, leaving no room for error.

The moment of truth arrived when we tested the restored pipeline system. It was a nerve-wracking few moments as we awaited the results. To our immense relief, there were no leaks, and the water flowed through the pipes smoothly, just as it should. We had successfully averted a potential disaster for City Hall, and they could now continue their operations without any interruption.

Offset Joint

Offset Joint showing in one of the city hall sewer lines

The sense of accomplishment was overwhelming as we stood together, witnessing the successful completion of our mission. The officials at City Hall expressed their gratitude and praised our team’s efficiency and professionalism. Knowing that we had made a positive impact on our community filled us with pride and satisfaction.

As we packed up our sewer repair equipment and bid farewell to the staff at City Hall, we knew that this project was a testament to the power of innovation and dedication. Our company, Blue Works Plumbing, would forever be associated with the successful rescue of City Hall’s failing cast iron pipes. We left with the knowledge that our trenchless CIPP pipelining had not only saved the day but also helped preserve the historical landmark for future generations to come. We were honored to have been a part of this important restoration journey, and it reinforced our commitment to providing the best solutions to our valued clients, even in the face of challenging situations.

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