One of home owning’s most unpleasant realities is the maintenance and management of sewer and septic systems. It seems like toilets constantly need to be replaced, pipe lining repaired, and newly planted trees uprooted to avoid root growth in the mainline, among many other problems. Sewer replacement is a problem nearly 25% of Angie’s List poll respondents dealt with, and 3% have to still deal with.

Be proactive and stay alert for these warning signs that you might need the help of a professional:

1. Root Growth – Every homeowner should know where their sewer’s mainline is located, and if trees grow directly on top of or near it, they should watch out for encroaching roots. While a homeowner can take care of minor root growth his or herself, it’s best to call a professional who can asses the damage before taking action. Some professionals use a high-pressure water jet, which is able to deliver a pressure of 4,000 PSI that literally blows the roots or other obstructions down the line. However, roots can inflict so much damage to a pipe that it needs to be permanently replaced. Keep an eye on those creeping roots before a simple drain cleaning isn’t enough.

2. Mainline Clogs – If your toilet is draining slowly or backing up, your main line or residential line could have a problem. The good news is that if the mainline is the problem, it’s usually the responsibility of a public utility company. If it’s the residential line, call a plumber immediately. Don’t worry, though. If you’re nervous about destroying recent landscaping or hardscaping work in your yard, explore trenchless sewer repair and replacement methods. These non-invasive techniques have been around for around 15 years, but very few homeowners are aware that it is an option.

3. Cracks, Breaks, or Rust – Cracks can lead to the improper distribution of pressure, and therefore the premature wearing out of other, perfectly healthy sewer components. Rust, on the other hand, not only signals the impending deterioration of the above ground system, but also of the underground sewer components.
It’s better to replace a rusty sewer pipe lining immediately. Otherwise, an entire sewer line replacement will be needed later on.

Whether it be pipe lining or pipe inspection, call trenchless repair to preserve your yard and your plumbing.