Problems with underground pipes can be a real pain for homeowners. Small things may not be noticed and can be overlooked in the very beginning. The first signs of a problem will show up inside of the home. The toilets may not flush as they should or may become backed up, water can rise into the basement, or drains in the shower or sinks, can slowly start to retain water. Some homeowners still may not realize that the problems lie underneath the ground. When these issues get to the point that nothing seems to help or that they are getting worse, it is best to call in an experienced professional to come out and inspect the property.

An experienced professional can be found by doing some searches online using sites like Google or Bing, checking you local area’s yellow pages, or find out via word of mouth. Family member, friends, or co-workers, may be able to give a name of an experienced professional they have used. Once a professional that suits your needs has been found, you can set up an appointment for them to come out and do an inspection.

During the inspection process, the professional will be able to take a look underground, to see what is causing the problem. Instead of digging to see what is going on, he will use a device called a sewer camera. A sewer camera is a device that is placed into a drain within the house and then goes down into the underground pipes. Sewer camera inspection is the main way to find out what the problem is and where it is. Here are 3 things to know about sewer camera inspection:

1. There is no digging

Due to the sewer camera being placed into a drain to inspect the pipes, there is no need to do any digging beforehand. This is great because there will be no damage until the actual problem needs to be fixed.

2. The camera will show everything that is going on underground

There is a monitor that connects to the camera and it will show the professional everything in the pipe, as if he is actually underground. This means he will be able to see what the exact issue is whether it be a damaged pipe or a blockage. This will also help him determine how bad the blockage is or to what extent the pipe is damaged.

3. The camera will give the location of the problem

The advancements in technology have allowed the device to be able to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. This means that when it is time to do the repairs, the professional will be able to go straight to the exact location. This saves on unnecessary digging and unnecessary property damage.

No matter what your issue is, an experienced professional will be able to pinpoint it and fix it, in a timely manner. Unexpected repairs can be a hassle for any homeowner but if you hire someone with the experience and know-how, he can have you back up and running in no time.