Blueworks has a substantial amount of experience when it comes to installing and repairing SoVent systems. We can repair any SoVent system in any type of commercial building. We agree that SoVent systems are a much better alternative over conventional 2-pipe systems.

The SoVent system is maintenance-free and offers improved acoustic performance, which can be further enhanced by the installation of sound attenuating installation accessories. Due to its high capacity and excellent performance, Sovent is an ideal drainage system for:

  • High-rise buildings
  • Hotels
  • Laboratories
  • Industrial plants

Sustainable “Green” or LEED operations.

The use of the Sovent system has been proven to contribute to a substantial reduction in materials used. More importantly, Sovent can qualify for a LEED credit under the innovative systems section of LEED criteria.



If you would like a quote on installing a SoVent system in your commercial structure or need SoVent repair, contact the experts at Bleuworks. Main Phone: (877) 258-3664