CIPP Lining Project in Bradenton, FL

Medical Center

This project was at a full-service hospital in Bradenton, FL. This fully functioning Hospital in Florida had deteriorated steam discharge lines that required repair from a specialized pipe lining company with proven technologies.

Blue Works was contracted to work at night and off-peak hours to ensure the facility stayed fully functioning during the pipelining project. To make the situation more daunting, the work was to be completed during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to keep the project moving on schedule.

The plumbing restoration project began with pipelining crews first inspecting the underground cast iron sanitary waste piping, and cleaning out the buildup and debris to prepare it for lining.

As a reputable plumbing company in Florida, Blue Works is able to overcome challenges to ensure positive project completion. In this situation, the crews used multiple access points that required all levels of I.C.R.A. Containment to work from, in order to complete the project. The project also required bypassing for the CIPP lining portion of the project in order to keep the operating rooms in service. The steam discharge lines also required “high temperature” resin and liners in order to repair the system.

In all, the Blue Works Naples pipelining crew inspected cleaned and installed (or replaced where necessary), 7,500 lineal feet of CIPP lining in the underground cast iron sanitary waste pipe ranging from 2” to 6” in diameter.

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