CIPP Lining Project in Saint Petersburg, FL

This project is a 14-story residential apartment building with 14 stories, and is located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The building was built in 1969 and the plumbing system had been showing signs of failures for years. This included failures in the sanitary piping, clogged dry vents, water loss form wet stacks and backups and blockages in the lines. Several repairs to the PVC were required multiple times each year before Blue Works was contracted to rehab the plumbing system using CIPP Lining and potable system replacement..

During the project, the Blue Works team inspected, cleaned and used CIPP lining of 14 wet stacks and 23 dry vent stacks for a total of 5,180 linear feet of sanitary piping restored. The team also accessed, cleaned and inspected all 690 linear feet of underground sanitary piping. Since Blue Work’s pipe lining technologies require no digging or demo, the restoration was able to be completed in conjunction with an exterior painting and window replacement project being completed by another contractor.

Potable Water Supply Replacement Florida

The project did not stop there. The apartment building’s potable supply system had pinhole leaks, breaks and pressure issues as well. Blue Works designed and installed a new domestic water supply for the St. Pete, FL property. This included, abandoning the old galvanized supply piping and replacing it with CPVC for the distribution system and type k copper for the risers. The installation was completed using the ProPress system.

The property manager was especially pleased with the success of the project during the pandemic and for the efforts to not disrupt or displace occupants during the project.

Why Choose Blue Works?

Blue Works is proud to offer the best pipe lining solutions in Florida. They crew restored the sanitary system and replaced the potable supply system while the property was fully occupied with its’ low-income, 55+ residents. The project was federally funded by HUD (US Department of Housing & Urban Development).

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