Plumbing leaks, especially in larger buildings and high rises are often both destructive and extremely elusive. Some water leaks cost thousands of dollars and require land excavation and a general long term disruption to normalcy. The Leak Detection technicians at Blueworks use advanced technology and non-invasive methods for locating and repairing sewer leaks fast.
Advanced Leak Detection services will save money, time and allow repairs with minimal disruption to daily life on the property. Our results focused methodology and state-of-the-art equipment make it easy to detect leaks in pipes, sewers, storm drains, or any other plumbing or sewer system.

Plumbing Leaks Detected:

  • Behind walls, inside construction
  • Drains, basements, Wastewater
  • Under asphalt and concrete slabs
  • Landscaping, irrigation, fountains
  • Water meddling in roofs
  • Boiler systems/Radiant heat
  • Leak Detection Services for Residences

The home water bill can spike unexpectedly due to a variety of factors. Before you consider digging up land or pulling up tiles, using a CCTV sewer camera inspection can help locate the source of the leak.

Pointers for plumbing leak can be:

  • You hear the continuous water sound (like running toilet) when no other equipment is ON.
  • The water bill cost rises up by period of months and weeks (Compare bills every month)
  • The floors or walls may have spongy, wet, discolored or moist areas even when nothing is spilled over.