Florida Apartments – Jacksonville, FL

Known as one of Florida’s finest Retirement and Assisted Living Communities, this property’s commitment to their residents is virtually unsurpassed in the area, coming as no surprise considering it is overseen by a leading property management company.

Creating a higher standard of living for their elderly residents, this property took careful consideration when enlisting a contractor to perform necessary plumbing pipe repairs. Coming in behind previous bidders and delivering a Better Job at a Better Price was Blue Works.

The six-story building built on grade consisting of 40 vertical cast iron plumbing pipe stacks was experiencing failures due to age of cast iron pipes, scale build-up & some blockages from debris. 19 of these were in dire need of rehabilitation. Between partial traditional replacement methods and CIPP Lining, Blue Works’ crew visually inspected using a sewer camera, cleaned and repaired close to 1,300 LF of plumbing pipes.

Like with any project, there were a few hiccups along the way due to Unknown Conditions and Latent Defects in the Piping Configuration. This allowed the company’s troubleshooting abilities to shine and close out the project with success.

Pipe Cleaning Florida

As you can see by the testimonial below, the customer was pleased with the outcome and would recommend Blue Works to customers alike.

“Nothing short of outstanding!”

 As the Community Manager, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done. Your staff was delightful to work with and it was obvious of their desire to do the job well and work in a professional manner with our staff and residents. In this climate of highly competitive job bidding and contractor selection, choosing the right contractor is paramount.

For the Apartments, using Blue Works was a good decision for many reasons. Your staff and you as the owner were respectful of our senior residents, never lost patience with their higher needs, and were highly accommodating. Not every contractor could have filled that role.

In addition, the lengths that you went to resolve any issues (which are going to happen in a 180 unit building of our age!) was nothing short of outstanding. We appreciate the care you took with our residents and our building. Thank you for your dedication to work well done. 

Community Manager

Florida Apartment

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