Drain Stack Cleaning for Florida condos is a procedure that is in constant demand as drains and pipes continue to clog with grease, dirt, debris and more. And while drain stack cleaning is required on a variety of buildings including residential and condominiums, Blue Works is equipped with various cleaning methods to tackle any job.

Debris removal is a crucial, initial step before the actual cleaning process can begin. Any debris left behind will cause additional blockages as it is heavier than water and will continue to settle.

For larger cleaning projects in a Florida condo, Blue Works will use a vacuum to ensure all waste is properly eradicated. And while Blue Works boasts the ability to get the job done quickly, they also ensure efficiency which is vital in ensuring the job is done properly without causing additional damage to the
buildings piping system.

Often, when the cleaning process begins, present cracks and other imperfections will be disclosed. If the drain stack cleaning in your Florida Condo isn’t done properly, a minor flaw can quickly worsen, causing a substantial amount of damage to the home.

What Happens Next?

  • Serviced plumbing will return to its original operating diameter.
  • Debris will be removed from the pipeline with both mechanical and hydro-scrubbing technology.
  • Pipeline will be inspected prior to cleaning.
  • Customer will be informed if problems are detected during cleaning.
  • Waste material will be discarded.

Professionals will likely utilize Hydro-Jetting or drain-jetting, an advanced technology, for heavily obstructed pipes and drains. Before this equipment was developed, professionals often relied on the outdated sewer snaking method for clearing pipes. This method was not reliable as it was unsatisfactory, only creating a small hole in the clog. Hydro-Jetting continues to prove that it is the right choice for Florida condo owners.

Advice From the Pros:

If your pipes are being snaked more than once a year, a camera inspection should be done immediately to reveal the underlying issue.


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