Introducing Sovent System Drainage Technology For High Rises

Sovent System Drainage Technology Designed for Multiple Story & High Rise Buildings

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The Sovent® system is a patented single stack drainage system that offers a welcomed major change to the industry. The Sovent system works by intercepting waste before it enters the building drain and slows down the flow of liquids and solids feeding them through a series venting. This slows down the speed of the liquids and solids and feeds them through a series of aerator fittings and double offsets.

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To prevent back pressure issues, the Sovent system is outfitted with a pressure relief line which extends back up to (10) pipe diameters and then tied into the building line. This effectively eliminates any back up pressure issues.New technologies, especially in the plumbing industry can be difficult to accept, however the Sovent system is a game changer with it’s superior concept and design and the substantial savings in materials, labor, and construction costs.

A Welcomed New Drain Technology Designed For High Rise Buildings

This system is by far one of the best new technologies for waste infrastructure in multiple story buildings and tall high rises. Aerator fittings are incorporated into each story and deaerator fittings at the base of the stack is well designed to eliminate build up of solids so they are unable to reach terminal velocity thus eliminating back pressure issues.

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Sovent Systems