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Blue Works is an industry leader in the pipelining and plumbing field. Restoring aged or failing plumbing systems in Florida is our niche. A combination of trenchless and traditional plumbing is used to fix pipes.

Certified Master Plumbers and General Commercial Contractors

Blue Works has Certified Master Plumbers and General Commercial Contractors. Blue Works has the character, capital and capacity. Their team has the experience to restore any piping system. These systems include sewer, sovent and storm. They work on potable water, HVAC and vertical piping problems as well.

Insured, Certified, Warrantied and Engineer Approved

Over 100,000 linear feet of piping have been serviced throughout Florida by our company. Blue Works uses industry-approved material during pipelining installs. Impressive consistent contact exposure of $40 million. Trust Blue Works for all of your plumbing-related issues. The team is known to do a better job for a better price! Contact us today for free plumbing estimates for Florida customers.

Florida’s Leading Pipe Lining & Plumbing Repair Company

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CIPP Lining Sarasota


Trenchless sewer repair fixes damaged or deteriorated pipes using a no-dig repair method. It is often a quicker and less expensive solution than traditional pipe replacement.
Wrench Smaller


The best sewer and pipe cleaning company in Florida. Removing, grease, dirt, rust scale and debris build-up in any pipe system is our speciality.
Epoxy Pipe Lining


Sewer pipe replacement without  unnecessary destruction. There are many replacement options to meet your needs.
Sewer Repair

Video Pipe Inspection

Blue Works proprietary high-tech Sewer Line and Storm Drain Inspection equipment can Televise & Expose: Sewer Piping, Storm Piping, Mechanical Piping & any other piping as narrow as 1.5 inches in diameter. 

Plumbing Replacement

Plumbing Replacement

Blue Works knows how to replace your property’s sewer system without any un-necessary destruction and in many cases, using a combination of Pipe Lining & Plumbing Replacement to prevent future issues. 

Florida Plumbing Services

Sovent Systems

The Sovent system is a patented single-stack drainage system that substantially improves the performance of a soil and waste drainage systems and allows the drain, waste and venting to be accomplished through a single stack. 

Florida’s Leading Pipe Lining & Plumbing Repair Company

Have important questions about your plumbing? We have solutions!