Pipe Descaling Methods for Sewer and Drain Pipes

Pipe descaling may require different cleaning systems and equipment, specifically for Vertical & Horizontal piping. Cast iron piping in a high-rise is not cleaned the same way the clay piping in the front yard of a residential home in Florida.

Pipe Descaling and Buildup Removal

Buildup must be removed of and disposed of properly. Debris cannot be left latent in the piping system because it will cause a blockage. Scale build-up on the inside of pipe is already heavier than water, so it will settle again. On large projects or long lengths of piping, Blue Works uses a vacuum to properly remove material.

Hydro-Jetting Pipes

Hydro-Jetting is also often referred to as drain-jetting and is highly effective in heavily clogged and obstructed pipes and drains. The typical “cabling and sewer snake method for clearing pipes merely creates a small hole in the clog, and should only be used to remove foreign objects and infrequent blockages. Hydro-Jetting is how you really clean out clogged pipes!


If your pipes are being snaked more than 1x / year, we suggest a camera inspection ASAP, as the problem might be bigger than you think.

Hydro-jetting by Blue Works, on the other hand, completely clears the entire pipe system.

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