Trenchless Pipe Repair Project in Marco Island, FL

The towers are 19 stories with 430 units with similar floor plans. Located directly on the beach, the high-rise condos feature beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico and great amenities.

All of the towers’ vertical cast iron sanitary drain systems were beginning to experience pipe failure, leaking and plugged vent piping.

As leading plumbing experts in Florida, Blue Works was selected by the property’s Property Mangers to restore the failing condominium pipes with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining.

Over the span of 8 months, the Blue Works team worked within the Gulf of Mexico properties to install 180 lineal feet of CIPP lining in each of the 96 4” cast iron sanitary stacks, for a total of 17,280 lineal feet installed. In addition to the sanitary stacks, the underground main was also in need of pipelining. There was approximately 300 lineal feet per building of underground main that BlueWorks restored by installing CIPP lining inside the existing main.

Like any project, there can be unique challenges. During this project, there were weekly rentals, which was challenging at times due to scheduling of utilities out of service. In the end, the pipelining crews were able to successfully restore both of the property’s plumbing and received a great review from the Project Engineer.

Why Choose Blue Works?

In addition to inside building pipe lining, Blue Works also offers drain camera inspections, pipe cleaning, trenchless pipelining and plumbing repairs in Naples, Sarasota, Miami, Clearwater, Orlando, Jacksonville and surrounding areas in Florida.

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