Pipelining technology allows homeowners and commercial property owners to repair a leaking or damaged pipe, in a trenchless, more cost and time effective way. Pipelining and epoxy coating can be used for both non-pressurized pipes such as sewer and vent stacks and pressurized pipe systems such as potable and fire suppression.

Sewer Cleaning

Pipelining is a solid option with Blue Works, as they possess a collection of zero-dig sewer and pipe liner technologies that work on all types of plumbing pipe materials and diameters.

The typical trenchless sewer repair or sewer drain lining installation only takes one day. Often, additional time is not required for structural repair to the building, which often occurs with traditional pipe replacement.

The basic pipelining installation process begins by identifying the problem by using a sewer camera, enabling professionals to confirm where the problem lies and which technology to use. Next, a cleaning process will take place to remove roots and debris while eliminating any build-up from calcite, to return the pipe back to its original functioning diameter. Experts will either jet the lines or use pneumatic tools.

Before installing the pipelining, the length of liner needed is cut, a custom two-part epoxy is mixed and poured in to permeate the felt liner. The saturated liner is then installed, the bladder is inflated and the curing begins.

Once the epoxy lining has cured, the bladder is extracted, leaving a complete structural pipe within a pipe.  Sewer drain liners are installed utilizing the pull in place method or inversion, conforming to applicable standards and requirements.

To insure that the job has been properly performed, a camera inspection is done, all plumbing connected is used to confirm the system is functioning properly.

Sewer drain pipeliners come with a 50 year warranty on CIPP materials and installation and third party manufacturers materials replacement warranty with a design life exceeding 50 years from the date materials are delivered.