When you sewer line goes bad, you need to get it repaired quickly. Most plumbers now recommend modern trenchless sewer repair because it is cost-effective, quick and durable.

Often referred to as trenchless sewer repair, it uses two basic methods:

Pipe bursting
Cured-in-place pipe repair, or CIPP

Here is a look at the process for residential CIPP in Naples.

Conventional Methods

CIPPWith traditional methods of sewer line repair, the damaged part of the old pipe is dug up and replaced. It works well and has been the standard approach for decades.
But it is messy and expensive. First off, the technicians must locate your sewer pipe, then find the exact spot where the problem is. Once they find it, they need to figure out what the is causing the difficulties. The usual culprits are clog, aging pipes or shifting earth.
All of this digging is time consuming, often weeks. It is also expensive. Because they must dig up your yard, you have the added expense of restoring your landscaping. If your sewer line happens to run under a walkway, driveway or patio, they must cut through it to get to the pipe. Fixing that is very costly.

How CIPP Is Different

Using cured-in-place pipe repair, technicians can quickly locate the pipe and the problem, and identify the cause. That’s because they first send a video camera through the sewer line.
The technician can look at the monitor above ground. As the camera moves through the system, he sees the actual cause, whether it is a tree root causing the clog, buildup or cracks in the old pipe.

Here is how it works: One or two access holes are dug next to the sewer line. A flexible tube is blown in or pulled through your old, damaged pipe. This tube is then inflated. It has been coated with a resin, which hardens after several hours. What you now have is a new pipe within the old pipe, which is how it gets it name, cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP.

The Advantages for Homeowners

Residential CIPP repair in Naples is less messy, less time consuming, and more cost-effective. And it lasts for decades.

CIPP pipe repair is durable. This new pipe meets or exceeds all industry standards. It lasts for decades and provides you with a durable sewer line that will meet all your needs reliably.

CIPP pipe repair is quick. Instead of weeks, it takes days, often just a single day. You quickly get your plumbing system working again so you can use the bathroom, kitchen drains and appliances like the dishwasher and clothes washer.

CIPP pipe repair is cost-effective. It is much less labor intensive, and labor is one of the major cost factors with old sewer line repair. In addition, you don’t have to pay to restore your landscaping because technicians don’t have to dig up your yard.

CIPP pipe repair is less messy. You don’t have a yard full of holes for weeks on end when you choose the modern method, CIPP in Naples. Your trees, flowers and bushes are safe from damage. Your walkways, patios and driveway are all left alone.

When you are confronted with sewer line problems, it makes sense to investigate the many advantages of CIPP in Naples.