Ah, Florida. The Sunshine State. The state where the weather is promising and there are plenty of fun things to do. With no shortages of excitement and activities, residents may be bogged down with “living the life” and “soaking up the sun.” But unfortunately, life calls for important things and responsibilities like bills, jobs, taking care of families and keeping the lives of our children and loved ones running as smoothly as possible.

Is Your Home Plumbing On the Right Track?

One of the things that comes along with this is keeping a functioning, good condition home in tip-top shape. OK, it’s time to a bit honest with yourselves. Let’s take a little quiz. How often do you consider having your pipes at your residence or business inspected?

OK, next question. How often do you actually get your pipes inspected? And finally, if the answer is “I never have,” why not? Now, don’t feel guilty if you have put off getting an inspection done recently (or ever) on your sewer system.

It’s not the first thing that people typically have on their lists of things to do for the day or at all sometimes. But, it’s time to change that. And don’t just think of it as an immediate benefit. Think of it as a future financial investment. Why? Because over an extended period of time, it will save you more money by being proactive and not reactive to a bad situation.

Sewer Lateral Inspection

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about how a sewer lateral inspection works and why they are critical to keeping your home on the right track.  The modern way of sewer line inspections consists of using high-definition video cameras to examine the inside of your piping system. Thankfully here at Blue Works, we are up with the tech-savvy equipment and offer this service. We are able to see various things during inspections, including trouble shooting piping failures, identifying the pipes’ conditions, seeing the route of the systema and seeing each connection between each different pipe.


So the big question obviously is how is this beneficial to my future finances? The answer is simply that being proactive is more feasible and cost saving that being reactive. If we find an issue before it escalates, it can be fixed and resolved, keeping the costs down by not having to rush to get the job done and preventing major damage being done such a fully broken pipe, cracks turning into leaks and corrosion turning into blockages and backups.

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Here at Blue Works, we value your time and we care about you saving money as well. When it comes to plumbing, being preventative is the best way to do both. By pinpointing any weaknesses in your piping system, we could fix a problem before it even becomes a problem. This saves you money, time and a whole lot of unnecessary stress. Don’t waste your time fixing issues that you could have prevented when your time can be spent doing what Florida residents should be doing – enjoying the sunshine. Get your sewers inspected today by Blue Works Pipelining & Pipe Repairs.

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