Sovent System Cleaning in Florida

This customer offers a state-of-the-art condominium development consisting of two, thirty story, high-rise buildings each with a single stack, sovent system for the sanitary risers. With a total of 255 units, the apartments have a visionary appearance, vast amenities and cutting-edge technology for our professional residents.

The luxury properties were built between 2006-2007. Both towers’ plumbing infrastructure consisted of a single stack, self-venting sovent system for the sanitary risers. Each property had been experiencing water loss events and flooding due to backups and blockages; as well as bubbling and gurgling of utilities caused by buildup due to lack of venting.

The risers primarily serviced the kitchens but were either tied in with the bathroom risers on the lower, or higher portions of the building. In addition to the unique challenges, the configuration of floor plans changed on several floors in the buildings.

BlueWorks Sovent Cleaning Method

BlueWorks was contracted to inspect and mechanically clean 16 sanitary sovent risers, approximately 252 linear feet each. Using a proprietary method of mechanical pipe cleaning for sovent systems, BlueWorks was able to remove the debris and buildup and contained it within an industrial vacuum. The crews also cleaned the de-aerator lines (pressure relief lines) at the base of the risers, which primarily serviced the kitchens.

The property manager was especially pleased with the success of the project during the pandemic and for the efforts to not disrupt or displace occupants during the project.


What is a Sovent System?

The Sovent system is a patented single-stack drainage system that substantially improves the performance of a soil and waste drainage systems and allows the drain, waste and venting to be accomplished through a single stack. The system is particularly effective in buildings that are more than five stories high, creating considerable cost savings as well as enhanced drainage performance. We can help high-rise building owners with any problems or issues that might arise over the life of you Sovent system:

  • Sovent Inspection & Leak Detection
  • Sovent System Cleaning
  • Sovent Relining & Single Stack Repairs

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