Why Pipes Fail

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The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) partnered with the American Water Works Association (Denver) to develop public outreach materials that communicate the value of water and wastewater services. WEF photo.

Water is a key element in life. Since water is a main source for everyone, it is important to have clean flowing water. Overtime, pipe systems both inside or outside of a property begin to age and break down. Let’s look at the top reasons why pipes fail.

Whether it is a potable water line, a lateral line, or a drain stack, pipes are all susceptible to low flow or pipe failure.

Top 5 Causes of Pipe Failure:

  • Corrosion

Eventually pipes will age and corrode. Copper and cast iron pipes corrode for a variety of reasons including acidic soil and chemicals in the line. If your pipe is failing, have a camera inspection company like Blue Works have a look to identify the main issue.

  • High Pressure

High pressure can cause pipes to fail because it adds stress to joints and welds that can be weak spots. If you are in Florida and have leaking fittings or joints, have pipe lining professionals take a look.

  • Root Clogs

Roots will do anything they can to find water, which includes penetrating through holes and cracks in a pipe. Over time, these roots will grow in the pipe and cause backups and failure. If you need to clean roots out of your pipe, find a trusted plumbing professional.

  • Pipe Crack/Leak

Pipe leaks and cracks can and will develop over time. If you have a crack or leak in your sanitary drain line it is best to fix pipe cracks with trenchless technology to avoid digging up your property. This can also be used within buildings for drain stack repair.

  • Ground Movement

When the ground moves, so do the pipes within it. This can cause a pipe to break or fail. Pipe flow will be effected and could cause backups in your pipes. Using trenchless rep

Why Use Trenchless Pipelining?

  • Trenchless pipelining addresses pipe failure with proven methods that can take less time and money that traditional pipe replacement.
  • The trenchless method of pipe repair is environmentally friendly, as it does not require digging or removal of existing property.
  • Trenchless leaves the existing pipe in place, reducing waste.

Restoring pipes to new condition and fixing pipe failure problems is not as scary as it sounds. Look for the professionals of Florida Pipe Repair to take care of your plumbing problems. Contact Blue Works today!