Being a homeowner is truly a wonderful feeling but there are a lot of responsibilities that comes along with this title. You have your regular day to day, month to month, and year to year responsibilities and expenses but most of us forget about the responsibilities that we can’t see. Sewer pipes are located underground and as long as they are functioning the way they should, they go unnoticed. Some homeowners forget to regularly maintenance them and problems can start to arise. These pipes are used everyday during our regular activities and over time, start to show the wear and tear. They can slowly start to clog, due to debris, dirt, tree roots, or items that have been flushed that should not have been. What ever the cause, it can definitely become a problem, if let untreated. What starts as a small clog can build and build until the pipe is completely blocked. Toilets within the house may slowly start to clog or not drain the way they should, waste can back up, and the smell in and/or around the house, can be horrible. Traditional ways to repair underground pipes involved digging up property. This included yards, landscaping, driveways, etc. There is also the aftermath of how the yard will look after the pipe has been fixed. Furthermore, the process could take weeks and would be a huge hassle for homeowners. Fortunately, there have been advancements in the way underground pipes are repaired and there is a simpler method referred to as trenchless.

What exactly is the trenchless method?

Trenchless is a way to repair your underground pipes without doing massive construction to your property. There is no need to dig those pesky “trenches” to reach the underground pipes and the process is faster than the traditional method. The procedure can take as little as a few hours to complete but each situation may vary. Trenchless is a great way for homeowners to save time, save money, and can leave their property undamaged. More and more homeowners are choosing to use this method and experts have praised its effectiveness.

How does trenchless work?

There are actually several different trenchless methods and which one will be used will depend on the homeowner and the extent of the damage to their pipes. The two most common trenchless methods are pipe bursting and sleeve pipe lining. Pipe bursting is a procedure that requires installing a whole new pipe. The beauty of this method is that while the new pipe is being inserted, the old pipe is being destroyed. There will be two access points, one on each end, and this is how the new pipe will be fed through. This means no big trenches and the new pipe is ready for use. With sleeve pipe lining, a liner covered in a resin is inserted into the old pipe. The resin will cause the liner to seal to the old pipe and essentially creates a whole new pipe, without having to remove the old pipe. Both methods are a cost effective way to fix your pipes and both have been proved to be very effective.

Is trenchless as effective as the traditional way?

Most people know that the traditional method takes a lot of work to complete because the property is dug up to reveal the damaged pipe. The professionals are able to get directly to the pipe and fix it so it is natural to think that this way is more effective and long lasting. That’s what is great about technology. You can take a long drawn out process, shorten it, and still have the same results. Trenchless is the shorter route of the traditional method and will still leave you with fully functioning pipes, in way less time. With the sleeve pipe lining procedure, you are basically getting a whole new pipe that will last for at least 50 years and you don’t have to destroy your property to do so.

The bottom line is no one wants to have to deal with sewer pipe issues but if they do occur, it is a problem that can be taken care of efficiently and swiftly. Trenchless is a great way to repair your pipes and it will allow you to continue about your life and have fully operational pipes, with only having taken up just a few hours of your day.