Homeowners and readers in Florida: it is always better to be aware of pipe and sewer issues BEFORE they burst! Much like your own body will give indications that you’re getting sick, your pipes also give warning signs that they’re about to blow! To keep your home safe and comfortable this winter and watch out for these warning signs of a plumbing leak:

  1. Running water sounds. If you hear the sound of water even when no one in your home or business is using the water at all, you may have pipes that are beginning to leak. A no-brainer rule is that if you hear running water, it’s probably running somewhere.
  2. Especially high water bill. If you notice your water bill is higher than usual, it’s best not to assume that it’s the icemakers fault. Your water bill should not vary greatly from month to month, and if you see any spikes you cannot account for, it may be due to a leak. First, do a comparison between this water ball and the bill from this month last year and if you see a jump, call a plumber!
  3. Damp or Wet spots. Keep on the lookout for any moist spots or discolored areas in your flooring. If you notice damp or wet areas where nothing has been spilled, they may be signs of a leaking pipe. Take notice if the spots occur on the floor near sinks, tubs or other large pipelines.
  4. Musty smells. Leaking pipes create damp spots, and damp spots promote mold growth! Mold smells bad and in many cases can actually be a danger for you or your family to be exposed to on a regular basis. Try and sniff out the source of the odor and see where it’s strongest to help you narrow down the source.
  5. Foundation cracks. It’s normal for houses to settle over the years, but if you suddenly notice cracks in your foundation it may possibly be due to a leak. Water leached from leaking pipes can weaken foundations and structural components of your home, causing foundations or walls to crack.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you may have a leak situation. Call Blueworks and we will perform a camera inspection to detect and locate any problems or damaged pipe. Contact us to schedule a consultation to stop the plumbing problem before it starts!