The beautiful oak tree that you planted twenty years ago and watched blossom could be growing roots and infiltrating your pipes, preparing to destroy your plumbing system. Or perhaps the grease from the bacon your teenage son decided to make for breakfast is now creeping back up the drain to haunt you. Either way, you know by the backed up sink (and awful smell) that something is wrong with your plumbing.

Grease build-up and tree root infiltration are two very separate problems that require very separate solutions. So how can you tell the cause when the symptoms are the same? With a video pipe inspection.

Using high-quality camera systems, video pipe inspections are designed to reveal three things: The direct cause of the problem, what condition the pipe is in, and where and how the piping is connected.

Let’s start with the primary function of internal pipe inspections; discovering the cause.

Common causes for pipe problems

  • Obstructed pipe: Debris like dirt, hair or items that should not be flushed cause a clog.
  • Tree roots: Tree roots are the primary cause of clogged pipes, especially in older homes. Older pipes can actually get crushed by tree roots, and allow infiltration much easier than new piping.
  • Grease: This clog typically happens about 25 feet into the sewage line, where temperatures are cool. The grease begins to turn hard and build up, and over time causes a blockage.
  • Old piping: Pipes older than 20 years can begin to rust, break and cause a build up.
  • Pipe dislocation: If your home is built on expansive soil such as clay, your pipes can dislocate and move out of place.

Once you understand the cause of the problem, you’re only halfway there to coming up with a solution. An expert, such as Blue Works Company will determine the condition and operating capacity of your pipe before diagnosing any quick fixes. If your pipe is in relatively new condition for example, you may just require a drain cleaning using our hydro-jet technology.

On the other hand, if your pipe is rusting and breaking up, you may need our trenchless sewer and pipe repair technology to re-line your pipes. Either way, at Blue Works Company, we will diagnose the most effective option for your home or business.

The last step in internal pipe inspection is evaluating the best access point. Using our high-power camera system and expertise, we can determine the best joint to access, so there is minimal to no digging required.

If you are facing any problems such as backup, clogs, high water bills, leaks or foul odors, call Blue Works Company for an internal pipe inspection. With over 25 million clients in the past 6 years, we guarantee total customer satisfaction. We solve pipe problems with long-term and cost saving solutions, based on both your current and past challenges of your plumbing system.

Don’t play a guessing game when it comes to your pipes. Inexperienced plumbers not properly diagnosing the problem will end up costing you more in the long-run. Call a trusted plumbing service. Call Blue Works Company for any plumbing concerns.