As a homeowner, it’s normal to want to preserve your sewer lines and pipes for as long as possible. When the cost of a mere sewer system inspection will set you back between $250 and $300 — and replacing these sewer lines can cost tens of thousands of dollars — sewer line troubles can be a huge expense.

Avoiding the significant costs associated with a trenchless sewer line replacement can actually be much easier than you think. Here’s a look at three beneficial bathroom habits you can develop that will help protect your home’s sewer lines over the years and save you money:

Keep hair out of the drain
That giant clump of hair in your shower’s drain isn’t just nasty to look at — this hair build-up can also take a toll on your home’s pipes and sewer lines. Over time, hair can accumulate within your pipes, trapping other debris and creating one nasty clog, resulting in the need to repair or replace your sewer lines. While professionals can use high-pressure water jets to send 4,000 psi blasts of water down your pipes to remove this blockage, it certainly won’t come free. This is especially true for trenchless options, which can cost 30 to 50% more than conventional digging methods!

Flush smarter
These days, a good number of wet wipes are marketed as “flushable,” but actually aren’t. These wipes will technically go down the toilet, but won’t dissolve in water like toilet paper does. As a result, you’ll soon have to deal with blockage and other problems in your sewer lines. If you use these wipes, just throw them in the trash once you’re done using them.

Keep other products out of the toilet
You’d be surprised at what some people will flush down their toilets. Feminine hygiene products, q-tips, cotton balls and similar products might seem like they’re safe to flush, but they’re just like wet wipes — they don’t dissolve in water. By breaking this habit now, you’ll save your sewer lines from significant blockages and repair work.

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