Uh-oh! You think you may have a leak in your sewer pipe and need to find it. You’ve already identified the obvious tell-tale signs of such damage – your drains are pooling water, the sinks, shower and tub are slow to drain completely and there’s a strange odor coming from them. It sounds like you could have a problem on your hands but you need to find out for sure and how serious it is before something else happens.

That’s when you call us at Blue Works. Finding a leak in a sewer pipe isn’t rocket science. Our professional plumbers will visit your home or business and conduct a pipe survey. However, since we employ trenchless technologies in our work you won’t see us rolling into your property with a battery of giant industrial pieces of equipment. That’s because we won’t need to dig up your sewer line to see what’s going on inside of it.

All we need to do is dig a small hole down to one connection and insert a tiny video camera. This gives us eyes inside the pipe to make a close inspection of the condition of your sewer line. Also, it will show us exactly what and where the damage is.

Inside a Sewer Pipe

You may be surprised to see what the inside of the average sewer line looks like. Depending on the age of yours, it may be made from cast iron, a ceramic material or a poly composite. Each of these breaks down over time and pieces may be creating a blockage or maybe it happens to be a tree root. Regardless of whatever is slowing down your drains, we will be able to find it and repair it.

We will follow up the pipe inspection with a pressurized cleaning of the pipe. In the case of a clog caused by organic material, this could fix your problem. More serious issues can be better diagnosed after the cleaning process. If the leak in your sewer line is the result of a break in the pipe we will assess the damage and discuss your options.

As we use trenchless technologies we will look at pipe lining. This is where a sleeve-like liner is measured to fit the length of the damaged pipe. An epoxy resin is added and the liner is sent into your pipe line with pressurized air which essentially unrolls it inside the existing pipe. The epoxy cures which make it hard and the replacement pipe inside a pipe is finished.

The best part of locating a sewer line leak is that we don’t need to wreck your lawn doing it. Also, the repair is less time consuming and less costly than traditional sewer repair methods. So if you see signs of a possible leak in your lines, don’t delay, get in touch with us so we can inspect the situation and see what exactly the problem is. To book an appointment with us at Blue Works give us a call today at 877-781-0440 or contact us via email.