Condominium living comes with many perks and as time passes by and various services expand, grow and improve, residents no longer have to dread the day their high-rise living plumbing situation is in need of repair.

Professional plumbing companies now have the ability to repair sewer, drain and water plumbing pipes without disrupting the surroundings. Cured in place pipe, CIPP, lining is now leading the industry, enabling officials to repair damage without digging underneath the condominium foundation, parking lot or sidewalks, even the walls will be left untouched.

✓ As the only no dig option for condominiums, CIPP boasts the ability to get the job done faster, cheaper and it lasts nearly a lifetime.

Pipelining projects typically take one day to complete with no required time for structural repairs to the condo or the landscaping.

For all of your Florida condominium pipe rehabilitation needs, professionals can offer a variety of solutions including plumbing replacement, CIPP lining, spin casting, and epoxy coating when necessary. And as repairs have evolved, cleaning has also improved immensely as it no longer requires any demolition, saving costs and time.

With CIPP, condo owners and property managers can have peace of mind, knowing the job will be done quickly and efficiently. CIPP uses a woven pipe that is inserted into the damaged section of pipe or throughout the entire length of pipe. The fabric pipe is engorged with epoxy resin which is inflated once placed over the pipe in need of repair. Within five to eight hours of curing, the pipe is capable of full operation and also comes with a 50-year warranty.

✓ Not only is CIPP the fastest most reliable option for all of your condominium pipe rehabilitation needs, it also offers the most impressive price tag.

After leading the industry for 30 years, CIPP is always proving to be the best choice for any commercial building.