Outdated sewer pipes are often found in older homes and commercial properties. While this is an important issue that should be solved in a timely fashion, home and property owners often put this project at the end of the to-do list as it can be costly and time consuming. But up-to-date sewer pipes are a vital component to successfully operating a business or residing in a home that offers safety and peace of mind.

For those who may suspect that their sewer pipes are aging and in need of updates, hiring a professional repair specialist is crucial to get the job done right. And even though you may be aware that your sewer pipes have neared the end of their lifespan, sometimes there are signs that are almost a guarantee that your sewer pipes are
indeed outdated.

The lifespan of your pipes has been reached:

Pipes made of copper, brass or cast iron could last for 80 to 100 years but often fail before as they face harsh conditions due to acidic water, corrosion, rust and cracking. Galvanized steel often has a lifespan of 70 to 80 years and PVC can last for 25 to 40 years. Property owners that are unaware of what kind of sewer pipes run through their home can hire a professional for and inspection which will also determine if any repairs are needed.

Frequent Clogs and Leaks:

Clogs and leaks are an immediate cause for concern. As the years pass by, rust, debris and other sediments can gather and erode your pipe walls. Corrosion will begin to deteriorate the pipes creating cracks, enabling sewage to leak. Buildup will also obstruct water flow. Backups and frequent leaks are a sure sign that repairs are necessary.

What Stinks?:

If you can smell it, chances are its leaking into places it shouldn’t. Sewage. The last thing we want oozing into our living space but if your pipes are cracked and outdated, this can often occur. This can be caused by persistent tree roots and shifting soil. So, if you smell it, call a professional immediately.

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